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Director's Corner - Exciting New Developments

What an exciting time to be working at the Cordova Museum! Turtle doctoring, new exhibit designs, 100-year old Copper River Northwest Railroad drawings arriving in the mail, wooden boats and planes arriving on our doorstep….and to top it all off…a new home within a year.  Wow! All good things come with time - but do they need to come all at once?!

All of the staff had a blast working with Fran Ritchie, a natural history conservator who ‘lived’ with us for four weeks this summer and took tender loving care of our very beloved Prince Willy, the leatherback turtle. Through a cooperative grant funded by the Rasmuson Foundation and Museums Alaska; the Alaska State Museum, the Alaska Natural History Museum and the Cordova Museum were able to host Fran for a period of time over this season. Fran’s energy and enthusiasm and honest interest and care in our "oozing" taxidermied leatherback was inspiring for us and fascinating. We'll be posting more about the turtle project inside our website and in our upcoming newsletter.

Curator Denis Keogh has been creating some pretty amazing changes in our exhibit space over the past few months. It’s interesting to watch his creative juices work.  One small image takes him (and now us) on a journey back in time. His artistic talents shine through in the new bold and striking paintings he has developed.  Bold and graphic designs are changing up our look and preparing us for our move. If you haven’t stopped in lately….you should! 

And just when you think your day at the museum can’t get any more exciting….in walks a faithful patron who wants to donate their longtime fishing boat built by a Cordova master who has recently passed. Well, we jumped at the chance to tell that story. Look for more on the ‘Star Thrower’ on the website and newsletter. And not only boats are in our future, but in the works is an opportunity for the Historical Society to reclaim an old Cordova Airlines bi-plane. More on that to come, as well.

Finally, we were thrilled to go to the Post Office a few days ago and pick up a very meticulously wrapped tube that contained 100+ year old schematics and drawings from the construction of the Copper River and Northwest Railway.  Former Cordovan Frank Morton had called and told us they were on the way. Frank, who lived here from 1935-1950 shared how he and a buddy had ‘investigated’ the old roundhouse and railroad buildings after the Military had abandoned them.  Frank and his buddies took a few souvenirs….and good they did since the entire complex burnt to the ground.  What could have been lost to all of us is now back safe and sound!

Have I mentioned, I love my job.  It’s silver season here now and our hands are stained with blueberry juice. All the best from our special little fishing town.

Best - Cathy Sherman

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